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Batik  &  Tea

The tutorial consists of supporting texts and videos to guide you

at each stage of the project.

Indulge yourself with moments of creativity and relaxation, enjoying this workshop, where you will be surprised by the special effects of  Batik, an ancient and magical art, you will learn to use tea in a very different way and you will know a traditional motif, full of history and meaning.  

Workshop description

The workshop is 100 % online about “Batik on Paper”, painting with Tea tints. The tutorial is made up of  7 explanatory videos, where I show and explain the complete process, step by step:

- Introduction.

- Materials.

- Preparing the tints.

- Drawing Kawung. 

- Resist & Tint. Stage 1

- Resist & Tint. Stage 2 and 3.

- Removing the Resist


Make it simply:  easy to get and low cost.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to experiment with Batik without facing the impossibility of getting the materials. 

In other words, it is highly probable that you already have many of the required materials.


Bank Transfer    ::   Paypal  

After payment is ready, you will receive a  password.

Free Acces for 3 months.


Write the password.

Student Works

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