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Preparing the Dye

Weight, Simmer, Filter.

Preparing tea dye is very easy. Tea dye provides a wide range of colours, from yellows and brownies to dark browns and blacks. 

As tea is truly rich in tannins, natural substances found in the vegetal world, in this case, the tea leaves.

In the following video, you will find the full process:


F O R   T E A   D Y E  :

  • 25 teabags or 50 grams of tea leaves.

  • 500 cc of cold water.

It was reduced to 100 ml.​

M O D I F I E R S  :

  • 1 gram of Ferrous Sulfate dissolved in 50 ml. of hot water.

  • 2,5 grams of Baking Soda dissolved in 50 ml. of hot water.

 Kawung Motif

Symmetry, Order, Meaning.

Kawung motif is a traditional Batik pattern from Indonesia. It is a symbol found in different antique cultures from all around the world: Egypt, Persia, native America, and even in ancient Rome. 

In the past, it was the privilege solely granted by the Sultan of Jogjakarta and his closest family, as it was used just to decorate the royal clothes. Kawung was associated with power, wisdom, and justice. It was thought to imbue these attributes to those who wore it.

Click on to see how to transfer the drawing to the paper:

Important Tips

  • Keep the dyes stored in the fridge.

  • Remember to label the containers with dates and components.

  • Clean carefully all the tools.

  • Draw the pattern well marked on the paper using a soft charcoal pen to avoid deleting it after applying the tint.

  • You can easily transfer the drawing to the paper by facing the window, backlight.

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