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Batik & Tea

The face-to-face workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to

experiment  Batiking on paper.

Check here for time availability.

True moments of creativity and relaxation, where you will be surprised by the special effects of  Batik, an ancient and magical art, you will learn to use tea in a very different way and you will know a traditional motif, full of history and meaning.  


Short course100% face-to-face.

2 sessions of 3 hours.

Date and time to be agreed.

Maximum 2 students per class.

All the materials are included,

coffee and something yummy.


- Introduction.

- Materials.

- Cooking the tint.

- Kawung drawing. 

- Resist1 and Tint 1

- Resist and Tint 2 and 3.

- Removing the wax. 


Los Acacios 2925

Las Vertientes

San José de Maipo

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