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Zoom classes and videos to guide you

at each stage of the project.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to deepen the Batik technique,  focusing on the construction of volumes, through the handling of wax. 

For this purpose, the project to be executed is a motif of low complexity, but rich in lights and shadows.

To complement and optimize the results, the complete step-by-step process of dip dyeing with reactive dyes and the complete wax extraction process is explained and shown.



The workshop includes 4 classes via Zoom where I show and explain the process step by step with the support of pre-recorded videos. After each class, the shown video will be sent by We Transfer to be used as a guide to make the project.

4 videos.

VIDEO 1 :: Waxing process 1

VIDEO 2 :: Dip dyeing

VIDEO 3 :: Waxing process 2

VIDEO 4 :: Removing the resist

Sending videos by WE TRANSFER

4 classes Via Zoom. (6 hours)

Time and day to be agreed.

Duration per session: 1,5 hour.


Reactive dyes and cotton.

You will need the basic materials for Batik, wax mixture, pot, a 35x35 cm piece of cotton and  Procion MX DYE reactive dyes, brushes and tools for applying wax and for dyeing.


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